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Training to be an analyst

The classes are mostly self-taught like a college art or music class. Practice, practice, practice. You would learn the types from the website, and from analyzing your friends and family. Also you woulds get a copy of the e-book 20 Types of Beauty to study.

There are at least 4 examples of each type on the site with pictures of faces larger and with details itemized. For example: click on '6 Combinations' on the home page in blue or in the nav bar at top then under the Buoyant example click 'More Examples' then click on any one of the Buoyant images for details

In the details online are a few mistakes that I want you to notice and tell me about.

So... I believe you will either "get it" or not, depending on if your brain is detail-image oriented or not. And whether you find ways to sit and glance at people over and over. And if you are willing to spend a lot of time on it just like practicing the violin. I can't just give it to you in exchange for your payment.

For you to analyze friends and family you would take pictures of them as per the page below or have them take pictures of themselves for you.

After you do as much as you can on each one you would send it to me and I would have a look at what you've done to correct any mistakes. And we would start by me analyzing you so you would have an example of layout pages for the analysis.

To start you would pay $50 (donate button) for the first month, non-refundable, to see if you like it and want to go ahead. If you do, then you'd pay $50 a month. You can go as fast or slow as you like. When you and I both feel confident that you've "got it" then you pay me the remaining amount to make a total of $500 and I email you a signed certificate.

Even after that I would be glad to check your work if you find someone who is extra hard to do ($10 each) especially the classic types.

Maybe you'll be so good at it that I'll pay you to check my difficult people. )


The only refund would be $50 if you had just paid a month ahead and then were in an accident and unable to continue.

20 Types Analyst

Email us if you're interested in training - the donate button is for ten payments of $50 each. The first payment is to try the training for one month and see if you like it.

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